Team Expo Global Session 2

Theme weeks at a glance : 

The Theme Weeks are an initiative aimed at taking advantage of the characteristics of the Expo, where countries from all over the world gather in the same location for six months, to bring together wisdom and knowledge to solve global issues, to explore solutions through dialogue, and to create a future society together with the world where life can shine brightly. The themes will be a different global issue for each week. Not only the organizers but also Official Participants, the Japanese government and local governments, participants in Co-Creation Projects, Expo participants such as exhibiting companies, and local governments and industries from across Japan will all gather to discuss solutions in a “dialogue program” and “business exchange” for concrete action.

Schedule of 18th June, 2024​

Regarding the TEAM EXPO 2025 Program
Planning Division, Public Relations and Promotion Bureau, Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition


The International Business Promotion Center (IBPC) in Osaka aims to support international business activities by providing a variety of services to companies. Located in the heart of Osaka, the IBPC offers consultation, market research, business matching, and support for foreign companies entering the Japanese market. The center also organizes events and seminars to foster business opportunities and networking. For more information, visit their [official website](

The presentation by the Indian Designers Association and World Design Protopolis (WDP) focuses on the initiatives of the World Design Protopolis program. WDP is a program that provides design knowledge and resources to cities and communities, supporting projects aimed at improving the quality of life for citizens. “Protopolis” was first introduced in the city of Bengaluru in 2019. This initiative offers insights into urban design from a design perspective.

● Speaker: Mr. Jacob

Presentation about ADI and the World Design Protopolis.

School of Design and Innovation RV university.

Bengaluru attracts many young people from across India, with the 2011 census showing that 42% of its population consists of migrants. This influx is due to the city’s abundant employment opportunities and excellent educational infrastructure. Particularly, the city is known for high-paying jobs in the IT and technology sectors and is a hub for startups and emerging companies. Many young people migrate to Bengaluru in search of new opportunities.

The School of Design & Innovation at RV University offers programs in strategy, service, brand, and MedTech design, with a strong focus on health solutions. Educating young people who then return to their hometowns to drive growth in rural areas is one way to address the disparity between urban and rural regions in India.

Will be an online presentation


Experience an exceptional educational journey for children with our Shadow Play Kit, designed to inspire creativity and foster growth. Join us for a live demonstration where we will showcase how our initiative nurtures children’s imagination and promotes their overall development. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this enriching experience!

Speaker: Mr.Sravanth Theverakonda Ramani

Srishti Manipal Institute of Art Design and Technology (2:15 – 2:30PM)

Dr. Arindam Das will deliver a presentation from an educational perspective, highlighting the role of design in addressing urban challenges and fostering social transformation. He will emphasize the importance of students participating in practical projects, employing design thinking, and developing creative solutions to global issues. By honing these skills, Indian students will be poised to become future leaders and global contributors. Dr. Das will share methodologies to enhance these abilities, ensuring students are prepared to tackle real-world problems effectively.

Speaker: Dr Arindam Das

● presentation from both institutes and discussion about the theme.(2:30~2:45PM)




● Viga Entertainment Technology – Online presentation of the CEO. 

Using cutting-edge computer graphics and AI, we are committed to revolutionizing the entertainment industry. We specialize in real-time rendering for film production, comprehensive CG engineering, digital public infrastructure, AR/VR, and generative AI, creating immersive digital content for the entertainment and education sectors. Additionally, we will discuss the implementation of AR technology using Google Cloud Anchors at the Dubai Expo 2020.

Botminds Japan Inc.

● Mr. Muthuvelan T and online presentation. enhances business efficiency by leveraging AI to capture, automate, and analyze documents and web data. Their solutions include automated invoice processing, contract management, data analysis, and compliance support.

Additionally, Mr. Muthu is one of the executives at the only Indian Chamber of Commerce in Japan. His network, which includes Japanese global companies and IT partners both in Japan and overseas, offers valuable connections for IT professionals considering business expansion in India.

● Mr. Muthu&Mr. KG Suresh will discuss about Co-creating Cultures for the Future.


● Speaker: Mr. Sathya Priyan Sundararajan. 

Madras Mindworks specializes in custom VR, AR, and MR solutions. This trend is particularly noticeable in the education sector, where Indian schools and educational institutions are adopting these technologies to enhance immersive learning experiences and student engagement, making learning more interactive and captivating.

Additionally, they provide services that support the rapidly growing Indian society, including healthcare, real estate, engineering design, construction planning, and on-site training. Let’s learn from Mr. Srinivasan about the challenges faced by the developing Indian society and the technological solutions to address them.

● Discussion about Theme : The Future of Community and Mobility, Mr. Muthuvelan T and Mr. Sathya Priyan Sundararajan.

Schedule of 19th June, 2024

The Osaka Business and Investment Center (O-BIC) is a one-stop service center jointly established by Osaka Prefecture, the City of Osaka, and the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It provides detailed support and precise advice to foreign companies and organizations seeking to establish or expand their presence in Osaka. Here, they introduce their initiatives.

IcarusNova integrates design into healthcare, aiming to transform the medical industry. Their team of experts provides new branding solutions through MedTech product design. A recent achievement includes the design of the cancer screening service “NURA” for Fujifilm, which won the Service Design category at the 13th CII Design Excellence Awards in 2023. NURA addresses the issue of limited screening facilities and a lack of a screening culture in emerging countries.

By improving equitable healthcare systems and leveraging AI and technology, they integrate design thinking with practical medical applications to achieve more efficient and user-friendly healthcare. Led by George, this offers an excellent opportunity to gain insights into his profound design vision.

● Speaker: Mr. Thylie Mathews George

India is striving to become a manufacturing powerhouse, yet the country faces several challenges. Despite having a young workforce, the proportion of formally trained workers is very low, and many engineers prefer to work in the IT sector, leading to a shortage of talent in manufacturing. AIvolved’s innovative AI solutions address these issues by developing software that transforms quality control in manufacturing. Their AI technology provides effective solutions for various challenges faced by the Indian manufacturing industry, including anomaly detection, parts verification, and efficiency improvement.

We will discuss the challenges of India’s manufacturing sector and how AIvolved is tackling these problems through their initiatives. This will be presented in an online session.

● Speaker: Mr. Sudip Gupta

● Discussion about Theme “Health and Well-being”

Innovative Technology Services Trust

Approximately two-thirds of Indians are engaged in agriculture, and over 800 million of the 1.4 billion population are eligible for free food grains distributed by the state, with an annual cost of $28.4 billion (approximately ¥4.45 trillion). In this context, the agricultural market liberalization laws enacted by the Indian government in September 2020 sparked strong opposition from farmers, leading to their repeal in November 2021.

Farmers feared the collapse of the government’s Minimum Support Price (MSP) system and the dominance of large corporations in the market.

Ashok Kumar, with over 35 years of experience, is introducing methods to promote sustainable agriculture and economic independence for local communities through the use of AI and robotics. His initiatives aim to move away from traditional agricultural methods and towards self-sufficiency in a free market.

● Speaker: Ashok Kumar Meda Sreeranga Setty

● Discussion about theme 7 : Ashok Kumar Meda Sreeranga Setty & Mr. Jacob Mathew.

The Swachh Bharat Mission (Swachh Bharat means “Clean India” in Hindi) is a national project initiated by the Indian government in 2014. With rapid urbanization and economic growth, India has seen an increase in urban waste generation, making sustainable waste management an urgent need.

To address this challenge, Neo San has introduced a new waste management device called “Neo-X.” Neo-X is a portable incinerator that enables on-site waste processing, keeping costs below 1 rupee per kilogram. Additionally, it collects incineration data to aid in carbon offset efforts.

Let’s share Neo San’s business model in collaboration with major corporations and NGOs, and their vision for a “Clean India.”

● Speaker: Mr. Dhwaj Bagrecha

Flourish is not just an e-commerce retailer; it is a platform dedicated to improving the lives of Indian producers, particularly women, through socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing methods and fair wages. Founded by Pragati, Flourish aims to connect producers’ stories and products with conscious consumers worldwide, promoting local economies, culture, and environmental protection.

As a supplier, “Risham” is a jewelry brand that revives ancient art forms for modern times, focusing on enhancing the livelihoods of female artisans. “Porgai Store” supports Lambadi women artisans, emphasizing environmental conservation and community collaboration. “Kajal Agrawal” respects the diversity of Indian handwoven textiles, showcasing rich cultural heritage and exceptional craftsmanship.

Each piece seamlessly blends traditional techniques with contemporary aesthetics, reflecting India’s vibrant traditions. Through Pragati’s vision, we can learn about truly sustainable market practices.

● Speaker:Ms. Pragati Tripathi

● Discussion about Theme : Necessities of Life: Food, Clothing and Shelter

Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce

BCIC, headquartered in Bangalore, is a major industrial and commercial chamber in India, representing large corporations and SMEs in Karnataka. It supports manufacturing, IT, and service industries by strengthening the business ecosystem through various programs and initiatives.

Mr. Suresh, a pioneer in Japan-India business relations for over 30 years, is a key contact if your company is considering expanding into the rapidly growing Bangalore market.

If you are considering expanding your business in the rapidly growing market of Bengaluru, India, Mr. Suresh is one of the key contacts you should definitely reach out to.

● Speaker: Dr. K G Suresh

 IN-SARA Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

The “Mumbai Comic Con 2024” held this April demonstrated that Japanese animation has become a significant movement in India. The Indian entertainment market is estimated to reach ₹3.1 trillion (approximately ¥5.8 trillion) by 2026, and the Japanese animation industry is anticipating increased demand.

IN-SARA, a consulting firm based in Bangalore, promotes business, culture, and education between Japan and India. Through cultural events and programs, IN-SARA integrates the cultures of both countries. In education, they promote Japanese language education, academic partnerships, and skill development. They have years of experience acting as a bridge between the two nations, creating business opportunities through specialized delegation programs and supporting the signing of MOUs. Rachana, who is well-versed in both countries, will discuss the potential for future business, cultural, and economic growth between Japan and India.

● Speaker: Ms. Rachna Gupta

● Discussion about Theme : Co-creating Cultures for the Future

Industree Foundation

Jacob of Industree supports Indian women in building self-owned cooperative enterprises to achieve economic independence.

Kavita, supported by Industree, says, “This is the first time a women-only enterprise has been established in our village. Otherwise, I would have had to move to a distant town with other women.” All producers supported by Industree now have bank accounts and savings. Nagadevi says, “For the first time, I have a job, learned various skills, became independent, and earned a fair income. I was able to buy a refrigerator, and my next goal is to buy a two-wheeler for commuting and personal use.” 73% of producers have increased their income and now receive regular earnings.

His initiative utilizes sustainable natural fibers such as banana and bamboo, enabling women to engage in green business practices. Let’s share Jacob’s vision together.

● Speaker:  Mr. Jacob Mathew


Coffee break at conference meeting. Business and entrepreneurship.